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About Becky

Hi! I’m Becky Stinemetze (pronounced: /(bek-e) (stīn-mets)/) and I’m a voice actor. A lot of people ask me how I got into this business and I usually say I discovered my love for talking on a microphone when I was a radio DJ in college. While this is true, I’ve always had a desire to perform. I was a dancer when I was a kid and always loved to sing. (Although, I wasn’t the best at it.) I loved the energy I got before going on stage. It was a mix of excitement and utter fear. I had a passion for the arts and performing but always thought of myself as an extroverted introvert. (It’s a thing. Look it up!) So, when I discovered voiceover and learned it involved acting but being alone in a box, I said, “Where do I sign up?!” 

For the past decade, I have been in the communications and marketing world. I love writing and design, and the subtle storytelling aspects that came with advertising. I truly believe the skills I learned in that career have helped me as a voice actor. Knowing the intentions behind writing a commercial script, for example, help me convey the author’s message more succinctly and thoughtfully. I love putting myself into the scene of a script and being a cog in the overall project whether it be a commercial, e-learning project or audiobook.

I’m super proud of the work I’ve done so far and the clients I’ve had the opportunity to work with. But as a life-long learner I know it is only the beginning. I’m always up for new challenges. Bring it on!