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Female Voice for Hopeful Commercials

Hopeful commercials that are full of sincerity, thoughtfulness, and empathy are what I feel I voice the best. I believe, my voice is perfect for those companies looking to spread their message of compassion, hope, and optimism through their commercial advertisements.

COVID-19 Advertising Trend

There has been a definite shift in sentiment in advertisements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The advertising trend seen in commercials lately has been very warm, empathic, and promising. Everything in these ads from the soft piano music, to the images of family and togetherness, is geared to being hopeful, since and thoughtful. The voiceover sounds like a trusted friend or neighbor—someone that exudes warmth and comfort. Companies are taking a different approach and promoting the fact that they have always been and always will “be there for you.” They want the public to know they are still serving their customers and will be there from them during this global health crisis.

Helping Spread the Message of Hope

People around the globe are uniting and doing what they can to help the sick, stimulate the economy, and most importantly to stay home to protect those who are most vulnerable. During this time, I would like to do my part to help in the best way that I know how. I am a female voiceover talent and would like to help those companies looking to spread their messages of hope and togetherness

COVID Voiceover Experience

I am so honored to have the experience of recording a few voiceovers for COVID ads.

A Voice Full of Warmth and Heart

I’m so happy to lend my voice to commercials that have so much warmth and heart. Here are what others have said about my voice for hopeful commercials.

“We needed a female voice that sounded empathetic but strong, compassionate but confident, thoughtful and optimistic… Becky was JUST that. We wanted our commercial to be hopeful and would show our members that we are there for them in their time of need. Becky is super easy to work with and needs very little direction. If you want a female voice that sounds hopeful, has a lot of heart and warmth then look no further than Becky.” - Katie Thompson-Harrell, Creative Director (Security Service Federal Credit Union)

“Becky’s voice is so caring and sincere—just what we need at this time!” 

“Becky exudes warmth, empathy, and trust.”

“Becky’s voice is so full of warmth and comfort, just what we all need.”

“Becky has some serious range!”

“Great job and with such feeling.”

Giving Back

Times are hard right now and I would like to do my part and give back to the businesses and people that have been affected by this global pandemic. I will take 10% of my normal rate for all COVID-related commercials/projects or give 10% of my normal rate to the charity of your choice. Please send me an email to get a custom quote

I'm excited to help you with your next commercial or project. I look forward to working together soon. #StrongerTogether

Here for you,


Becky Voiceover