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What is voice over anyway?

I graduated from college in the spring of 2008. Yup... right when the recession hit. At the time I was working at a preschool and desperately wanted to get out and focus on my career in communications. But... as you know finding a job was tough. It was even harder since I had zero experience. After a year and a half of looking, a small business gave me a chance and hired me as a social media specialist. It was a wonderful first job and I learned a lot.

I remember one day, not long after I started this job, getting a continuing education catalog in the mail. There nestled between "How to start a pet-sitting business and "Basket Weaving for Beginners" was an ad for a voiceover workshop. "Come learn about the exciting world of the voiceover industry from audiobooks to commercials," it read. I thought to myself, "So, wait. Talking behind a mic could be a career?!" I signed up right then and there. 

The workshop was packed. I guess I wasn't the only one interested in voiceover. The workshop leader, who was also a former actor and stage director, spoke about the exciting world of voiceover and all the possibilities it held. She even had a previous student come in and talk about his career and the jobs he has done. How could I NOT be excited about this? This was just an intro to several more courses which of course cost thousands of dollars more.

Sigh... here I was fresh out of college and JUST starting in a new career. There was no way I could afford it. 

Next time... How I was able to pursue my dream, or so I thought.